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Digital librarians: Need a J.O.B.?

Peter Binkley wrote a while back about the crop of neat digital librarian-y jobs that’d been popping up. There’ve been a bunch more lately:

Will Libraries Smell Like Teen Spirit?

I followed a series of links[1] to find this article on the effect of Generation X values upon work culture. The article cites the impending wave of Baby Bo...

Do what now?

I usually travel by ground-based transportation – train when I can, bus when I must – because I hate flying. There is something about this sort of travel th...

Princeton, meet Google

Google and Princeton University went public twenty minutes ago in announcing their arrangement to digitize roughly one million of Princeton’s public domain w...

OpenID plug-in for WordPress

Sam Ruby posted a while back on how to embed LINK tags in your blogs (or other web resources) in order to enable OpenID auto-discovery.