November 2013
Panelist, Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, A Hydra Community Story: What Makes a Successful Digital Library? [Abstract]
November 2013
Poster, Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, ScholarSphere and Community
November 2013
Facilitator, Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, ArchivesSphere and Hydra Use Cases Working Session[Abstract]
September 2013
Session Lead, Cultural Heritage Archives Symposium, Community as Fundamental Strategy for Digital Preservation [Screencast]
February 2013
Co-Presenter, Code4Lib 2013 Conference, Architecting ScholarSphere [Slides]
November 2012
Panelist, Risk Management Brownbag on ScholarSphere
November 2012
Planner & Presenter, Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, CURATEcamp workshop.
October 2012
Moderator, IT Pro Roundtable, Digital Stewardship: Libraries and Archives vs. the Digital Dark Age
March 2012
Program Chair & Poster Presenter, Research Data Access & Preservation Summit.
November 2011
Planner & Presenter, Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, CURATEcamp Coders + Catalogers workshop.
August 2011
Planner & Presenter, CURATEcamp 2011, Repository Object Version Control, Curation Microservices + Hydra.
June 2011
Poster & Lightning Talk, Open Repositories 2011, Building a Community of Practice: The Curation Architecture Prototype Services (CAPS) Project at Penn State.
June 2011
Planner & Presenter, Open Repositories 2011, CURATEcamp pre-conference.
March 2011
Planner & Moderator, Research Data Access & Preservation Summit 2011, Panel on Data Management Plans.
February 2011
Planner & Presenter, Code4Lib 2011, CURATEcamp Hackfest pre-conference.
January 2011
Poster, Penn State Cyberinfrastructure Day, Curation Architecture Prototype Services.
January 2011
Presenter, ALCTS Midwinter Symposium, "Beams and Bytes: Constructing the Future Library, Architectural and Digital Considerations"
December 2010
Planner & Presenter, International Digital Curation Conference, CURATEcamp pre-conference.
August 2010
Planner & Presenter, Curation Technology Camp (CURATEcamp) 2010, "Running Microservices Code"
September 2009
Presenter, Pennsylvania State University Libraries, Surveying the Digital Library Landscape [Slides]
August 2009
Presenter, University of New Mexico Libraries, The Future of Digital Librarianship in Academic Libraries [Slides]
April 2009
Panelist [invited], New Jersey Library Association 2009 Conference, Open Source Library System Developments [Slides]
February 2009
Planner, Code4Lib 2009 Conference, Linked Data and Libraries Workshop
February 2009
Co-presenter, Code4Lib 2009 Conference, Open Your Repository with a SWORD [Slides, Video]
August 2007
Presenter [invited], VALE-NJ Technology Awareness Group, Ruby: Zen and the Art of Application Building [Slides]
April 2007
Presenter [invited], New Jersey Library Association 2007 Conference, A library revolution: Returning the means of production via service discovery, systems integration, and open standards [Transcript]
October 2006
Presenter [invited], VALE-NJ Technology Awareness Group, unAPI: What is it, and why should I care? [Slides]
September 2005
Poster Session [invited], The Library in Bits and Bytes Symposium, A Digital Library and Digital Preservation Architecture Based on Fedora [Slides]
April 2005
Moderator, Open Issues Panel, Fedora Users Conference
November 2004
Speaker [invited], New York Technical Services Librarians, Highway Building 101: Paving the Way to a State-wide Digital Repository [Slides]
August 2003
Presenter, Rutgers University Libraries Staff Workshop,Hands-on Introduction to Linux
January 2000
Panelist, LinuxWorld Conference, Linux in Libraries
January 2000
Presenter, Rutgers University Libraries Staff Workshop, Netscape and Web Browsing