Here’s a list of all the free software I’m running on my Windows XP workstation, or least the subset that I deem noteworthy. Rather than annotate the list, which would be far too helpful, I will merely provide links.

Foundstone Vision 1.0 (system util) Process Explorer 9.25 (system util) Microsoft PowerToys XP (OS pimpage) Notepad++ 3.3 (text editor) Cygwin 1.5.18-1 (X server / *nix tools) FileZilla 2.2.17 (FTP client) FileZilla Server 0.9.11b (FTP server) Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (WWW browser) Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 (mail client) Trillian Basic 3.1 (multi-network chat client) PuTTY 0.57 (SSH client) Semagic (blog client) iTunes (aural pleasure)

P.S. I do have Firefox installed but I don’t use it. Internet Explorer is the only way to browse.