I’ve decided to use this blog partly to write about work-related points of interest but also to futz around with blogging technologies and such. 

Thanks to a couple of very helpful posts and some neat WordPress hacks

http://www.wallandbinkley.com/quaedam/?p=59  http://www.wallandbinkley.com/quaedam/?p=50 

Technosophia is now unAPI-1.0- and COinS-PMH-compliant!  Under each post there are shortcut links to view the Dublin Core, MODS, and other unAPI formats (should I add them in at a later date).

It started dawning on me today just how useful unAPI might turn out to be, mostly because I re-read Dan Chudnov’s slides for the first time seeing his talk live at code4libCon ‘06.

Addendum the first: This is also OpenSearch 1.1-compliant, thanks to: http://www.williamsburger.com/wb/archives/opensearch-v-1-1.  Excellent.

Addendum the second: I’m also PURL-friendly - http://purl.org/maint/linkpurl.html.  Well, at least if you have a friendly client (read: not IE).