Though I will miss Seattle and my colleagues at the University of Washington, I am leaving to work at Princeton University Libraries as a digital library developer.  I’m looking very forward to helping design their repository infrastructure and building repository tools.  This is a fabulous opportunity to continue my work on digital libraries, and for my wife and I to return home to the Garden State.

Still, it will be difficult to leave an area we’ve grown so fond of, and especially to leave the family and friends we have up here.  There’s a certain bittersweetness I experience with every move, and this is perhaps both the most bitter and the sweetest I’ve felt about a move yet; I can think of no other cities I’d rather live than Seattle.  But that ol’ Dorothy was right: there is no place like home.  And home, in this case, happens to be the place where our closest family members and most of our friends reside, and also an area with perhaps the greatest number of career opportunities for a digital librarian-up-and-comer like me.

I’d also like to express appreciation for the code4lib community, and especially the #code4lib IRC channel.  Without them, I likely would never have learned of this position.  I’ve been meaning to post about how code4lib has changed my thinking about the profession of librarianship; but suffice it to say that I feel indebted to this wonderfully resourceful and visionary community for broadening, to a great extent, my perspective on library technology.  I’ve benefitted greatly from their knowledge and diverse points of view, and have felt welcome in the community from the outset.