I assure you that Access 2006 was longer than one day, I really do.  My (!*#@$ laptop had the nerve to go and die on me the second night of the conference, after I’d resolved to take copious notes during each talk, and had mostly kept my promise.  I’ll be posting some more notes when I get the machine fixed up, assuming my memory’s still relatively fresh (and my damn hard drive lives through the surgery).

Normally I might just give up and say “why bother?”, since the conference will likely be old news by then.  Then again, this is the Access conference we’re talking about; it’s not likely to be a passé topic anytime soon.  For a different sort of account of how Access stays with a person, read Dan Chudnov’s post. 

In the meantime, there is photographic evidence that I was at the conference (or at least out drinking in Ottawa around the same time).

More to come…