A number of folks have responded to the Liminal Librarian’s original meme asking for a sampling of five non-library blogs folks read.

Here are some of mine:

  1. dmiessler's "grep understanding knowledge" - He writes about society, programming, UNIX administration, and his personal life. I enjoy both his writing style and the diversity of topics he covers. His recent piece about the passing of his grandfather resonated strongly with me, as I've been struggling with having lost my own, one and only, grandfather in December.
  2. Slow Leadership - Gosh, this is sort of a dirty secret, but I am ridiculously interested in management. It mystifies me, and it's a skill I'd like to gain and hone someday. Effective management and leadership are tasks I never expected to have an interest in, but I've been drawn more and more to them the past few years. Slow Leadership contains a number of insights that I have found quite useful in making sense of how (good) administrators do what they do, and I try to take some of their advice to heart.
  3. The Rails Way - I'm a programmer by day, and most of my web application work is in the Rails framework. The Rails Way is written by two Rails committers who know the conventions and good patterns inside and out. Here's how it works: folks submit Rails applications they are working on, and these two rip them apart (in a very constructive and nice way), giving code samples along the way. It's very instructive. To wit, I've taken more notes on their suggestions than I can shake a stick at.
  4. The Seattle Times - Okay, it's not really a blog, but I do read it in my aggregator. And what can I say? I can't let go. I still feel like Seattle is my home.
  5. Slog (NSFW) - The Slog is the blog of Seattle's alternative weekly newspaper, The Stranger. It's an odd combination of gutter humor, satire, social commentary, political rants, and philosophical bombast. Where else can you read about deep-fried, beer-battered, bacon-wrapped, spray-cheese-filled hotdogs, analysis of the Alaskan Way viaduct vote, the recent Garrison Keillor flap, and the latest eating establishments in Capitol Hill (Seattle, not D.C.)?