At long last, the paper that Ron Jantz and I wrote for the Journal of Archival Organization has been published in a special double issue. It’s titled “Digital Archiving and Preservation: Technologies and Processes for a Trusted Repository” and is intended to be a fairly nitty-gritty piece on digital preservation (in the context of trusted repositories) for archivists. The abstract:<blockquote>This article examines what is implied by the term “trusted” in the phrase “trusted digital repositories.” Digital repositories should be able to preserve electronic materials for periods at least comparable to existing preservation methods. Our collective lack of experience with preserving digital objects and consensus about the reliability of our technological infrastructure raises questions about how we should proceed with digital-based preservation practices, an emerging role for academic libraries and archival institutions. This article reviews issues relating to building a trusted digital repository, highlighting some of the issues raised and possible solutions proposed by the authors in their work of implementing and acculturating a digital repository at Rutgers University Libraries.</blockquote> This special double-issue of JAO will also be released in the manuscript, “Archives and the Digital Library.”

Thanks to editors Bill Landis, Robin Chandler, Tom Frusciano, and Caryn Radick for seeing this through. And of course to Ron Jantz for getting me interested in this crazy stuff at a time when I had no direction or interest in my career.