A couple of interesting stories regarding open source library projects have come out during the past few days.

First, Carl Grant, the former CEO of VTLS, is forming a new company devoted to providing and building services for open source software. The name of the company is CARe Affiliates, and they have already struck a deal with open source software provider Index Data (creators of Zebra, YAZ, YAZ Proxy, Metaproxy, Keystone, and so forth). I have worked just a bit with Carl and he seems to be a stand-up guy. Best of luck, Carl.

Second, the Mellon Foundation has approached the GPLS with great interest in the open source ILS, Evergreen. Where this is going is yet to be seen, but it’s something to keep an eye on. It could be a fantastic opportunity for libraries that are frustrated with their current ILS and have the resources to commit development time. (With an assumption that the former set is vastly larger than the latter set.) This could be very exciting.

Those who still doubt that open source in libraries is a legitimate movement must find it more and more difficult to justify their arguments.