Hear ye, hear ye, techie librarians and library techies:

Birkin James Diana, representing the host, Brown University, announces a call for proposals for talks at the code4lib 2009 conference:

The code4lib conference is wonderful in large part because of what you folk share. Head over to the Call For Proposals page and submit your idea for a prepared talk. Information about the time-frame, scope, and evaluation process -- as well as the link to the submission form -- can be found at: http://library.brown.edu/code4libcon09/proposals/ Some important notes: - Proposals can be submitted through Sunday November 23 2008. - Just like when you vote, use your code4lib username and password. - You initially won't be able to edit your proposal(s), but I'll have that implemented in the near future.

More information on prepared talks from the proposal page:

Prepared talks are 20 minutes, and must focus on one or more of the following areas: * "tools" (some cool new software, software library or integration platform) * "specs" (how to get the most out of some protocols, or proposals for new ones) * "challenges" (one or more big problems we should collectively address) The community will vote on proposals using the criteria of: * usefulness * newness * geekiness * diversity of topics We cannot accept every prepared talk proposal, but multiple lightning talk sessions should provide everyone who wishes to present with an opportunity to do so.

Do consider submitting a talk if any of that sounds interesting to you.