I finally pushed out some embarrassingly outdated WordPress plugin updates a few moments ago.

  • Updated unAPI plugin with a patch contributed by Jay Luker that removes the hard-coded "wp_" table prefix. The updated version of the plugin has been tagged as 1.4.1.
  • Updated LinkPURL plugin with a patch contributed by Mark Matienzo that enables partial redirects. I made some additional tweaks to the plugin to make this feature configurable via the WordPress management UI. This has been tagged as 1.1.
  • Created a new unAPI plugin branch for Mark Matienzo's Scriblio-oriented tweaks. The branch is called 1.4.1-anarchivist-scriblio and it contains the scriblio.diff file. I have yet to integrate the diffs, as the file that was patched has changed since the patch was issued. If anyone is interested in working on unAPI/Scriblio integration, please get in touch with me.

And here is my to-do list which I hope will keep me honest.

  • Update OAI-ORE plugin to support version 1.0 of the ORE specification.
  • Add per-post (and per-page?) resource maps that wrap all embedded images and links.
  • Enable "cool URIs" for all resource maps.

It is my hope that I’ll get to those sometime before the summer begins. :)