Has it really been two months? Why, yes, it has. Oh me, oh my. I have tried to stick somewhat loosely to a schedule of writing here once a month ((Here I extend my hand and then imagine you, whomever you may be, smacking it ever so gently)), but alas, April came and went and I simply made no time to write.

That’s not entirely true; I did plenty of writing:

I wrote code. After a year of working on the World Digital Library project at $MPOW, we went live on April 21st. The last few weeks were very busy for the development team, but I did find a few moments to breathe and blink.

I wrote microblog updates. After months of trying to figure out what microblogging is all about ((Wondered: Is it IM? Status updates? Blogging? And how is it related to these? Concluded: it’s a little of each, and somehow it fits my status/vanity/sharing needs perfectly.)), it found its way into my daily routine. When time is short or thoughts arise fast and fuzzy, microblogging is a useful public scratchpad.

I wrote slides. The kind folks over at the College and University Section of the New Jersey Library Association invited me to be a panelist at the 2009 NJLA conference. The panel addressed recentish developments in open source integrated library systems. I spoke about the Evergreen ILS ((Hat tip to Equinox Software Inc.’s Karen G. Schneider for her kind assistance.)) and my co-panelists spoke about Koha and the Open Library Environment Project.

And, ever the dutiful technologist, I wrote documentation. And that will be the subject of my next post.