Has it really been two months? Why, yes, it has. Oh me, oh my. I have tried to stick somewhat loosely to a schedule of writing here once a month1, but alas, April came and went and I simply made no time to write.

That’s not entirely true; I did plenty of writing:

I wrote code. After a year of working on the World Digital Library project at $MPOW, we went live on April 21st. The last few weeks were very busy for the development team, but I did find a few moments to breathe and blink.

I wrote microblog updates. After months of trying to figure out what microblogging is all about2, it found its way into my daily routine. When time is short or thoughts arise fast and fuzzy, microblogging is a useful public scratchpad.

I wrote slides. The kind folks over at the College and University Section of the New Jersey Library Association invited me to be a panelist at the 2009 NJLA conference. The panel addressed recentish developments in open source integrated library systems. I spoke about the Evergreen ILS3 and my co-panelists spoke about Koha and the Open Library Environment Project.

And, ever the dutiful technologist, I wrote documentation. And that will be the subject of my next post.

  1. Here I extend my hand and then imagine you, whomever you may be, smacking it ever so gently 

  2. Wondered: Is it IM? Status updates? Blogging? And how is it related to these? Concluded: it’s a little of each, and somehow it fits my status/vanity/sharing needs perfectly. 

  3. Hat tip to Equinox Software Inc.’s Karen G. Schneider for her kind assistance.