I am not certain if this is a good idea or not, but I decided to set up a “work blog” as I set off on my new path as a digital library architect. The lines between this blog and that blog are fuzzy – most lines are, in my eyes – so bear with me. I’ve never been a prolific writer – it’s always a chore, an activity I simultaneously want to do more of, and do better, and also struggle mightily with. (It’s the public school education? HAR HAR!) But even so, the posts here may slow yet more. Or maybe that will be true of the new blog. We shall see.

I’ve found that microblogging has largely filled the blogging gap for me; I’m more comfortable, somehow, posting smaller, more easily digestible “thoughtlets” via Twitter/ Perhaps I’ve succumbed to attention deficit disorder, flitting from one tiny undeveloped idea to the next. It’s probable but I digress.

If you’re interested, you can follow along as I grapple with questions about digital library architecture. Comments are most welcome, both here and there, as always.