I wrote in June that the I2 subgroup surveyed “repository managers to determine the current practices and needs of the repository community regarding institutional identifiers. Results from the survey will inform a set of use cases that will be shared with the community, and that are expected to drive the development of a new standard for institutional identifiers.”

The survey closed in July, and the subgroup spent August writing a report on the survey results. That report is now final and it’s available to the public. Feedback may be sent to our (woefully underutilized) public i2info mailing list, left as a comment on this post, or e-mailed to me privately which I can forward to our internal list.

The next step is to build upon the report to draw yet more conclusions from the data – there’s an awful lot there – and flesh out some repository use cases for institutional identifiers. The I2 core group is moving quickly towards finalizing identifier metadata elements so that a standard may be drafted, and I think having some use cases documented will help drive the standard in a direction the community can get behind.

Onward and upward.