Being a nerd, I tend to like the command-line. When I’m working on my laptop at home, I tend to like listening to music. Before I discovered that mplayer had a really convenient shuffle idiom, I would invoke it thusly (to listen to all my Pavement tracks in shuffle mode):

export IFS=$'\n'
for track in $(find /mnt/upnp/MediaTomb/Audio/Artists/Pavement -name \*.mp3 | ~/bin/; do mplayer $track; done

And the wee shuffle script I whipped together looks like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys
import random

args = list(sys.stdin)

And here’s the convenient shuffle idiom that renders my arg-shuffling script somewhat useless:

find /mnt/upnp/MediaTomb/Audio/Artists/Pavement -name \*.mp3 | mplayer -playlist - -shuffle -loop 0